Saturday, September 11, 2010

You are extremely good looking, smart and have great leadership skills! THANKS!

I like to think about the pros when embarking on something new. I don't like to stress the cons too much if at all, though today I went that route and gratefully there was some intervention. I understand that the cons are valid as a good friend pointed out, but at times just fear and negative thoughts can be mistaken for cons and end up on that list. Exhibit number one (well, the only exhibit): Just as I was starting to think of the "cons" of my possible move to Miami, a particular one that my friend had pointed out to me while I was weighing it out was that many of the guys are unattractive and lack personality while the women are beautiful, therefore making the quest for acquiring a fruitful relationship difficult :/. Immediately after I let that marinate, I read new feedback on Ebay from a seller of a sweater I just purchased who I never interacted with; just paid the bill and never said (typed actually, lol) a word:

"You are extremely good looking, smart and have great leadership skills! THANKS!"

Well, this is not common for feedback in general, and even more so since there was no interaction, the person has never seen me and knows nothing about me. Completely random. Even if the seller only knows how to say this one nice thing in the English language (which it appears just might be the case :p), I feel it was definately God's way of working the Universe to let me know that no matter where I am in the world I am still me and should not let anyone "greater" than me stop me from being my greatest and achieving my goals, happiness and success in both career and LOVE (it is very important to me to have a truly loving, committed "there's no one better than you for me" type of relationship). So yes, the idea of being a "single ugly duckling in a sea of supermodels" was scary for a moment. Even though I am not going there with dating intentions or the expectation of finding love, I am not sure if the mentality down there based on what my friend who lived there offered as a con would affect other aspects of my life and more importantly my confidence. You need confidence where ever you bring yourself in life so that you get something positive and grow. Naturally, I don't want to be anywhere where worth is measured by beauty and realistically this happens (and not happens) somewhere, everywhere. After reading the feedback shortly after that conversation with my friend, I feel I can go there not thinking about how my inability to possibly reach the Miami Beauty Standards will affect my life overall :) That's not why I am going there after all, and those thoughts had never initially crossed my mind. The goal is to make a temporary change in my life that will allow me to learn, grow and share with others and eventually return home a better person that I am today. There is nothing bad that can come out of this, it's all a pro and regardless of whatever obstacles present themselves along the way it will remain a pro as long as I keep my focus on the initial goal.
This story was a "must share" for me because this is not something that always happens when you are starting to feel down and there's no one around to distract you from your thoughts lingering to the "other" things in life. What I have learned is:

  • There's always a something higher than us leading us in a positive direction; God, the Universe, however you view it, will send you a sign to snap you out of any negative information given to you by others or by your own thoughts. That ebay feedback was the friendly reminder.
  • Eliminate the cons on most lists. We truly do have the ability to determine which lists call for a pros AND cons weigh out and which don't; most cons are merely obstacles and obstacles are an inevitable part of life. It's about how we handle them when they do appear that's important. Think about the pros and the goals. The cons will only hold you back from trying something that may bring you to a higher place in life. We already know that there are obstacles wherever we go, no need to dwell on them before they even present themselves, that will get you no where. Keep your focus on the goal in the midst of the obstacles. We can overcome anything.

  • The world is ours to explore and share. Go to new places with the openess to learn and grow. The most important "possession" to bring is your confidence and happiness wherever you go so you can receive the beauty and teachings every new aventure in life can bring.

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